Community Relations

INV Metals is committed to corporate social responsibility. INV Metals strives to build strong and positive relationships with its stakeholders in the surrounding communities of San Gerardo, Victoria de Portete, Chumblin, Tarqui, Giron and San Fernando, to obtain the social license and support pivotal to developing the Loma Larga project. The Company has a deep history of working with the local communities to educate and design programs that benefit the families who live in the area.

Our team focuses its efforts on sustainability projects, consistent stakeholder follow-up, and an information and communication system to the residents of the area of influence surrounding Loma Larga. Infrastructure, productivity, training, environmental responsibility, the dissemination of information on mining, and cultural support are the pillars of program design and implementation in association with the local communities. INV Metals is proud to be a partner helping towards the goal to continue to make the surrounding communities great places to work, live and raise a family.